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Nursery Closed for Renovations

Field Day - 22nd June 2019

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Nursery Closed for Renovations

The Lake Eacham nursery will be closed for renovations 14 June and 21 June (also during the week).

Alternative activites will be carried out on the Peterson Creek Wildlife Corridor on the 14 and 21 June. Meet at RN 2 Cutler Road off Lake Barrine Road, Lake Eacham, bring gloves, water hat and hand tools - most of the work will be hand weeding. If possible also bring a chair and food to share, note no electricity available for cooking etc.

Coming Field Day - 22nd June

In 2002 Paul and Roberta Michna purchased a rainforest property at Topaz, adjacent on 3 sides to World Heritage rainforest. Wairambar Creek runs through the property and they declared their place a Nature Refuge to protect the banks of this creek and the surrounding rainforest. The property had been logged and old timber tracks run through it. Paul and Roberta initially lived in a caravan on site, then moved into a shipping container home they built, and in 2014 into their current home, converting their previous home into a Rainforest Research Facility.

Restoration and extension of the rainforest edge was a primary concern and over the years they've used various methods to achieve this. Cattle incursions were a problem and fences were built, but as cassowaries move through the place, the fences have gradually been adjusted. They've grown many of the trees they've planted from cassowary scats found on the property. They're currently trying to shade out the invasive tea, Camellia sinensis.

Gold was discovered on Wairambar Creek in the 1880s and a campsite for gold mining was set up on an adjoining property. A water race to the mine was built and it went partly through Paul and Roberta's property.

At the field day on 22nd June, starting at 1.30pm, we'll look at methods used to extend and enhance the rainforest, and hear about some of the history of the place. The property is at 15 Doonoquienbar Road, off Wairambar Creek Road, off Union Road, off Topaz Road. All roads are well signed but also look for TREAT signs. Union Road turns off at the Topaz bus shelter, and Paul and Roberta's red gateway is easily seen from Wairambar Creek Road. Park on Doonoquienbar Road outside the gateway, where we'll meet to start a walk to the tea project on Wairambar Creek Road. We'll then look at the revegetation on Doonoquienbar Road and walk along to where the water race for gold was built. Back at the red gateway, it's a short walk along a previous timber track through the rainforest, to 'Studio Nimbus' for afternoon tea. It will be a very interesting afternoon.

TREAT Display Centre

The TREAT Display Centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm, excluding public holidays, staffed by TREAT volunteers.

Every Friday

TREAT meets every Friday* morning to propagate rainforest seedlings at the QPWS nursery, McLeish Rd, Lake Eacham. All Welcome. The nursery is open from 7am, members can arrive at any time that suits them. For workplace health and safety reasons please wear closed footwear.

* Every Friday with the exceptions of Good Friday (Easter) and a break over Christmas.

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