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Community Plantings 2017

Sat May 13RN353 Hillcrest Rd, JagganJorgensen1000Jorgensen/ TRC/ TREATPrivate

Landowner/ Collaboration

Planting information:

Despite the poor rain last wet season, we have another big schedule of community plantings for this wet season. All except one (Ault Rd) are on properties where previous community plantings have been held. Four are at Cutler Rd, Lake Eacham, two at Rock Rd, Upper Barron, two at Pressley Rd, Lake Barrine, one at Massey Creek, Ravenshoe, one at Hillcrest Rd, Jaggan, and one at Ault Rd, Topaz. If the weather is kind, a total of approximately 22,000 trees will be planted.

RN 353 Hillcrest Rd, Jaggan

TREAT has assisted with plantings on this property in 2008, 2009 and 2011. It was managed back then by Mike and Robin Carter, and now the owner, Lindsay Jorgensen, is living on the property and assisting with the revegetation. He has installed tanks to water the trees and will be digging holes for this planting which is on the side of one of the hills at the northern end of the property. To cope with possible erosion problems, the trees will be planted in bands with large grass strips left between them. In future years, other areas on these hills will be planted to revegetate a former grazing area. Trees for this planting will be mainly from TRC.

Hillcrest Road runs from Malanda to Jaggan and the property is near the Jaggan end. Hillcrest Road is off Clarke's Track at Jaggan. Look for the TREAT signs at Jaggan.

Note due to the long period of wet weather the planned planting at Hillcrest Rd this coming Saturday 29th April will be postponed till 13th May.


A barbecue will be provided by TREAT after the planting. This task is now organised by two teams, the 'A Team' and the 'Dream Team' and they generally alternate at the plantings.

Coming Field Days 2017

DateTime Location
Sat May 27th 2 pm Peter and Trixie Tuck's property, RN 102 Mather Road, Yungaburra
Sat June 3rd 2 pm Mark and Angela McCaffrey's property, RN 540 Kenny Road, Tarzali

Peter and Trixie Tuck's property

TREAT helped with two plantings here in 2008 to add 4,000 trees to the area Peter and Trixie had already planted along their section of Peterson Creek. These plantings extended the area of Mabi forest for tree-kangaroos and TKs are now coming regularly onto the property. However, despite maintenance of the plantings in the crucial early few years, some areas are suffering from competition with the aggressive Bracharia grass which invaded parts of the plantings while Peter and Trixie were otherwise engaged with their tourism adventure business.

This field day is an opportunity to see how grass can stunt the growth of trees, allowing yet more grass, and some of the methods used to combat the situation. After a walk around the property and looking at the affected areas, there will be an afternoon tea for which Trixie has kindly offered to make some goodies.

Mark and Angela McCaffrey's property

Mark and Angela have been planting trees on their property since 2004 and community planting volunteers will know it well from TREAT's regular plantings there in recent years. Now these plantings have more or less completed their corridor.

Angela has written about their project below in 'Ringtail Crossing Nature Refuge - a Potted History'.

This field day will look at how the plantings have progressed and will also look at some regrowth areas which have been enhanced by weed control and direct seeding. There will be an afternoon tea afterwards at the shed.

TREAT Display Centre

The TREAT Display Centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm, excluding public holidays, staffed by TREAT volunteers.

Every Friday

TREAT meets every Friday* morning to propagate rainforest seedlings at the QPWS nursery, McLeish Rd, Lake Eacham. All Welcome. The nursery is open from 7am, members can arrive at any time that suits them. For workplace health and safety reasons please wear closed footwear.

* Every Friday with the exceptions of Good Friday (Easter) and a break over Christmas.


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