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Repairing The Rainforest

"Repairing the Rainforest": $10 from TREAT (on Friday mornings at the QPWS Centre for Tropical Restoration )

TREAT members have been looking forward for some time to the publication of "Repairing the Rainforest" and in September, it made its welcome appearance at the nursery open day.

In part, 1 of this slender but elegant book, Dr Steve Goosem gives a concise and informative description of the World Heritage values of our rainforest and the ecological principles on which restoration can be successfully carried out.

Part 2 of this useful book contains the distillation of Nigel Tucker's experience and research covering ten years of tree planting in the rainforest area of Far North Queensland.

Tree-planters can choose the METHOD in Part 2 which is the best for their site, then use the new coloured map to locate the GROUP to which their property belongs (based on its rainfall, soils and altitude). Lists of trees to be planted for the "framework species method" and others for the "maximum diversity method" are provided for each GROUP. Thus readers can get from the book the advice they usually receive at the QPWS Centre for Tropical Restoration, including information on growing their own plants from seed.

"Repairing the Rainforest" has been worth waiting for. It is beautifully illustrated and is packed with the information needed by rainforest restorers, on farms, in subdivisions, in National Parks and all parts of the Wet Tropics.

Congratulations and thanks to Nigel and Steve from TREAT members, and to the Wet Tropics Management Authority for producing it.

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