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Website and Help

Reader-friendly: larger print or smaller print!

TREAT pages are written in proportional fonts for easier reading. To increase text size: on the IE Toobar, click View/Font size/Larger. In Firefox, go View/Font size/Increase. In Opera click any size >100% on the Toolbar. To view small text ‘blog style’ do the opposite, go Smaller or Decrease or <100%.

Every page is print-friendly

Just click the ‘Print Preview’ button on your browser toolbar (or click File/Print Preview) to see how TREAT's styler will print the page (note - the headers and footers are created by your browser).

Site queries or problems

Please contact Web Manager Simon Burchill with any website questions.


Love or hate acronyms? On the TREAT website, single dashed underlined words are acronyms with a hover title.


TREAT is aiming for easier web access using Web Standards and CSS. More usability features will be added as time permits, we value your feedback on priorities.

Problems or questions? If you have any questions, or suggestions for the site please let us know.

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