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Policies and Codes of Conduct

We are a volunteer organisation and encourage a friendly, relaxed atmosphere at all our activities; however, please remember to do the following when volunteering at any activity:

Please take the time to read and observe the following Government requirements - all these policies are kept at the TREAT office (QPWS Eacham Nursery) and placed beside the volunteer sign on book on Friday Nursery sessions.

Workplace Health and Safety - to volunteer at the Nursery for the first time members must attend a workplace induction. This QPWS requirement applies to any person working at the Nursery. Inductions are held on Friday mornings as the need arises. TREAT has a workplace health and safety policy covering volunteers at other activities eg. plantings and field trips.

Photographic - this policy explains rulings on the taking of photographs at all TREAT events and activities.

Child Risk and Management - this policy and related Code of Conduct applies to all volunteers who work with children eg. those participating in the Tree Awareness Program (TAP).

This is TREAT's official notice to members of these policies and their whereabouts. Please make sure you read them.

TREAT's Objectives are to:

Tree Awareness Program(TAP)

This is a school childrens' program in which children are encouraged to learn how to propagate trees through the Lake Eacham Nature Kids Course and during After School Care with TREAT members. School plantings can take place if teachers are able to oversee necessary site preparation and maintenance. Contact TREAT (info@treat.net.au) if you can help.

Environmental Benefit Fund (EBF)

This fund financially supports TREAT's re-forestation projects. All donations of $2 or more to this fund are tax deductible.

Details of the TREAT Environmental Benefit Fund »

Reforestation Projects and Other Plantings

Peterson Creek - this long term project started in 1997 and should be nearing completion in 2016. The creek flows from Lake Eacham Nat. Park to the Curtain Fig Nat. Park, then past Yungaburra into Tinaroo Dam. TREAT is planting a corridor along the creek to connect the two isolated forested national park areas. This is being done with assistance from landholders, QPWS staff, TREAT members and other community volunteers. Funds come from grants.

Other plantings - TREAT collaborates with other conservation groups and landowners on the Tablelands, assisting them with plantings whenever possible. It also assists QPWS staff with 'on park' plantings. TREAT and QPWS have a memorandum of understanding that explains working details of their unique partnership.

Rainforest Display Centre

Situated in the QPWS Eacham office building this Centre was opened in 2003 with grant funding from the Wet Tropics Management Authority. Opening times are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. The colourful, informative displays explain rainforest flora and fauna, some history of the Tablelands and past TREAT projects. Contact Barb Lanskey if you can help on Monday or Wednesday mornings.

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