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make great presents for family and friends!

Have you noticed the wonderful patterns and textures in objects that you find in the forest? If your answer is no then its time you packed a light lunch, your magnifying glass, a bag for collecting interesting items, binoculars, your pencil and paper and your insect catcher and headed out into your garden. Or ask mum and dad to take you on a trip to your local forest.

Remember the rules if you go to a National Park and leave only your footprints on the path! In any forest, act responsibly towards the animals and plants whose home you are entering.

So, what now? Take a close look at objects around the area, if you are in a protected forest, look at the patterns and take drawings of them to add to when you get home.

If you are in your own garden then collect objects that interest you. When you have finished drawing and/or collecting items you can make:


(for birthdays, Christmas etc)

With a hard surface under the paper, take rubbings of bark and leaves with crayons, coloured pencils, charcoal, or chalk. You can also take rubbings of textures when you are in the field. You can make into cards by folding in half, or sticking rubbing onto firmer cardboard. You could cut the cards into the shapes of the objects you are taking rubbings from. You can glue small objects such as dried leaves and fruits such as gum-nuts (Eucalyptus/ Corymbia sp.), or cypress pine (Callitris sp.) seedpods onto the front of the cards to decorate further.

Boats and wind mobiles

Black bean (Castanospermum australe) seedpods make great boats, and wind mobiles. Small branches can be polished with sand paper to make them smooth to hang pods from. Smaller twigs used as masts for sails.

Gift boxes

Some seedpods can be made into gift boxes (use tiny hinges or pieces of string to hinge lid). Decorate already made gift boxes with other collected items. Gum leaves pasted all over a box, look snappy as boxes to organise jewellery or keep collector cards.

Photo frames

Decorate an old wooden frame with natural items to create a fancy photo frame. If you don't have any frames you can make one out of hard cardboard. You can also decorate magnetic photo frames.

Abstract art

See if you can create an animal out of found objects such as a bird.

Christmas decorations

You can make decorations for Christmas trees Maple and Ash tree (Flindersia sp.) seedpods painted silver of left natural look great! Ask for help to drill a hole through the top or just loop string/ ribbon between the splits.

Remember to collect sensitively (only collect what you will use). Return any scraps from natural items to the garden.

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