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With the male measuring 130mm And the female 150mm, the Cairns Birdwing is Australia's largest butterfly.

Although small, the male of this species is far more striking than the female, which is in contrast a drab brown and white with a red patch on either side of the thorax.

Although more common in coastal Queensland, they are seen quite Regularly on the tablelands. To attract these beautiful butterflies into YOUR garden, plant native dutchman's pipe vines (Aristolochia acuminata).

Bring this male Cairns Birdwing butterfly to life by colouring its wings a brilliant green and its abdomen yellow.


  1. Cut out butterfly tab
  2. Cut out short tab
  3. Glue one third of the short tab on the back of the butterfly tab, at the base of the butterfly.
  4. Colour in butterfly and..

You have a Butterfly bookmark!

Design courtesy Brisbane Museum

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