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Hi there. Hope you are enjoying your holidays. Recently, when I was staying at Mission Beach on my holiday I was lucky enough to be able to see two Southern Cassowaries. The Southern Cassowary is an endangered species.

This means that there are very few of them left. There are lots of things we can do to help conserve (look after) the Cassowary to ensure they exist. Planting trees that are cassowary food is one way. Log on Tropics Management Authority website, to find out more about Cassowaries and how you can help. They have a whole book on cassowary activities for kids. The one below was found in the activity book.

Copy the cassowary head and foot below and enlarge to A4 size, as many times as you would like cassowaries. Remember you will need at least two feet! Colour them in and draw some fruits on other paper for him to eat. Paste onto card and cut out. Attach a ruler to the reverse of the head. Cut out each foot and along each dotted line. You can use cut-out 'ankle' section as eggs. Now with your new knowledge and props you are ready to do your very own cassowary mime with your friends.

See if you can find the answer to this question on the web site if you don't already know it. Or try to find a book on Cassowaries in your local library. Who looks after the Cassowary babies?

Cassowary head cassowary foot

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