Kids Page Cranes

Have you noticed a far-reaching trumpeting call coming from our skies lately?

Yes the magnificent Sarus Cranes are back for their winter stay. How many can you count?

They rarely fly on their own, preferring to be in pairs, small parties or in some cases, in flocks of hundreds. They are found in Asia as well as northern Australia. Bromfield Swamp and Hasties Swamp are ideal spots to see these birds in all their glory, especially in the evenings before sunset as they come in to roost.

The next time you are passing a recently harvested maize paddock, have a quick look as these birds are often seen feeding in such paddocks. If you are lucky, you might also spot a Brolga, a similar looking crane with less red on the neck.

For the crafty ones amongst you, here's a challenge for those cold wet mornings! To make the Orizuru (Origami Crane) you will need a square piece of paper 15 cm x 15cm. Good luck!

The eternal masterpiece: Orizuru (Origami Crane)

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