Fun with Follicles for Christmas

Follicles - What's a Follicle?

A woody fruit seedpod which splits open on one side to release its seeds when mature. Collect as many different seedpods as you can find from your garden or your friends. If in the park remeber that rules not to take more than you need. Many native plants have really interesting seed pods. (Did you know that every kind of eucalypt tree has a different kind of gum nut? This is an important way that botanists tell each species apart.)

Some suggestions - Eucalypt gum nuts, Grevillea follicles (eg. bushman pegs), Bottlebrush capsules, Quandong "nuts", Hakea follicles, She-oak "nuts", Kurrajong follicles, Black Bean pods. Winged seeds make excellent wings for dragon flies.

Create a Seedpod Critter or Fridge Magnet:

You will need:

  1. An assortment of different size seedpods. The kind of critters you make will depend on the seedpods you can find in your area.
  2. PVA glue, wood glue or glue gun (if adult supervision).
  3. Hobby paints and small brushes, or leave natural.
  4. Small eyes - beads from a craft shop or paint small seed pods such as Bottlebrush.
  5. A small magnet if you want to stick your critter on the fridge.

Make a Bracelet and Give it to Someone Special

I've used Quandongs. String them on black hat elastic so that it stretches over your hand and tie. Make sure you drill the holes big enough to fit the elastic through. See what other seedpod jewellery ideas you can make. Paint colourful patterns on gumnuts, drill holes and thread them on string for a necklace.

Adults - get involved in this activity to help drill the holes.

Christmas Decorations

Use your seedpods to decorate your Christmas tree - large gum nuts make great bells. With PVA glue, stick a small piece of macaroni onto your seedpod, paint and let dry. Thread with string, ribbon or raffia. Several together look great.

Make a Gift Card or Collage.

Let your imagination go wild and see what ideas you can come up with. You can paint the seedpods first with different colours, leave that natural or paint with clear spray paint outside (you might need help from an adult). On a folded blank card glue your seedpod design or picture with PVA glue and wait till dry.

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