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We are lucky enough in the Wet Tropics to share our homes with some weird and wonderful creatures. The platypus is one of these, resembling no other mammal with its duck like snout and webbed feet.

How can you help care for platypus??

Platypus need stable banks for burrows and good water quality for food variety and health. Trees provide these elements. Come along to TREAT on Friday morning and help to grow trees from seed, or in the planting season come to a community tree planting.

Do not litter and encourage others not to.

Cut the plastic rings on the neck of milk bottles and jars before throwing them in the bin - they have been known to get caught around the neck of platypus.

Encourage your local council to paint 'flows to stormwater' on all drains to remind people not to wash detergents down drains.

If you see a platypus contact Barron River Catchment Association on (07) 4048 4748. Try to remember the date, time, exactly where you saw it and what sort of area it was in. Was it near lots of trees in deep water, or was it near grass and a shallow pool? Was there more than one? Do you always see them there? These are the sorts of questions Bronwyn or Helen might ask.

See if you can spell Ornithorhynchus anatinus - the scientific name of the platypus. Practice and then ask a friend of relative to see if you can remember.

Prize challenge Find out what other freshwater aquatic mammal we have in the Wet Tropics. Write your answer in the spaces provided, help the platypus find his way home and send both of these completed to:

TREAT Platypus competition
P.O. Box 1119
Atherton, Q. 4883.

The platypus and _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - the W _ _ _ r R_ _ are the only aquatic freshwater mammals in Australia. _ _ d _ _ _ _ _ swims with a dog paddle style, unlike sleek and smooth swimming platypus.

platypus maze

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