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Hi there, It's great to know so much is happening in the world of TREAT and TREAT on Tap and that the newsletter has so many contributors. This edition we're introducing a new section of the kids page that will now become a regular part - the children's book review. Sorry that there are no activities - but maybe you might get mum and/ or dad to help with sending in entries for the competition run in the last edition. Or if one of the books below sounds good to you -see if your local library has it in.

The Lorax

A classic tale of greed, unstainable industry and revegetation. This book will amuse with its rhyme about the Onceler's experiences, brown barbaloots, humming fish and swomy swans. As with all Dr. Seuss books, the imagery and rhymes will stay in the mind for a lifetime. Its message is as relevant now as it was in 1972 when it was first released - maybe even more so.

Approx cost $10.00

Target Age level: Two to Two hundred

Publisher: Harper Collins Childrens books. 1972

Author: Dr. Seuss

One Less Fish

This is a limited edition book produced especially for Reef HQ in Townsville. The first thing that strikes you about the story is the beautiful images of coral and reef fish. The images are originally hand painted on silk by the co-author Kim Michelle Toft. This book is a counting book that counts down from 12 to 0, each number telling a tale about how to care for the reef. It also teaches the reader about the types of fish that appear in the book.

Approx cost $10.00

Target Age level: 0 to 10

Publisher: University of QLD Press. 1997

Author: Kim Michelle Toft and Allan Sheather

Squiggle Diddle Plop

A very amusing look at the world of dung and dung beetles, the often forgotten, very important part of ecosystem processes. This book concentrates on the issues less well discussed by adults, but frequently joked about issues by kids - poo. It also covers the process of regurgitate (cough up) of indigestible parts of food by our birds of prey. Each illustration depicts the animal in questions with its particular dung and they show remarkable resemblance to the actual dung of the animal.

Approx cost $10.00

Target Age level: 2 to 12

Publisher: Allen and Unwin. 2000.

Author: Guundie Kuckling

Happy Reading !

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