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Learning to appreciate nature

Think about how you came to appreciate nature. For most people who are now active nature lovers, this attraction was formulated early in life.

The earlier children interact with nature in a positive manner the greater opportunity there is for them in life to respect their natural environment and become responsible land managers.

A guided walk and time spent in the natural environment with your children provides this positive opportunity. It allows a safe environment within which to explore and to learn about the things that bite.

Take the opportunity to teach what you know about the natural world and if you don't know or understand it, take the opportunity to learn more about it.

DINOSAURS a subject, all parents, I arm now convinced, will encounter in the early years, even if they personally never discuss therm. What an opportunity to learn about evolutionary time periods and the fossil record.

Why does the moon have those dark shadows? An opportunity to learn or re-learn more about the universe!

The amount of subjects that I have studied at University and re-learnt through children's books is amazing. Having said that, children love reference books, and if you can stand having the dust jacket of your very expensive reference book torn then let children have access to these books. They often become walking talking versions, pointing things out they have seen. This provides you with the time to learn, when you look it up again with them.


A CORAL REEF TALE Old Shell, New shell. Helen Ward. Koala Books 2001.

A common tale regarding a hermit crab they are always moving out!

This story is simply stated, beautifully illustrated and a wealth of information about the different ecological communities found on the Great Barrier Reef.

The reference section to the detailed paintings of the communities that the hermit crab travels through on his search for a new home is in the back of the book and discuses each species illustrated.

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