Kids Page Make a Tree Climbing Kangaroo

dendrolagus lumholtzi


What you will need:

Smaller kids will need help from grown ups

  • Trace, photocopy or print this page.
  • Strong cardboard (cornflakes box will do)
  • Glue
  • Scissors or large needle
  • Colour pencils or paints
  • 5 paper brass clips (from newsagent)

Colour your picture pieces then glue onto strong cardboard and then cut out on outside of lines with scissors

Grown ups might need to help out with this next bit.

Be very careful not to rip through the arms and legs

Pierce a hole through the dot points with needle big enough to slide brass fasteners in

Line up dot points on arm to shoulder, leg to body, paws to the trunk and tail on the bottom.

Slide in fastener and bend back to hold firmly.

Now you have your own tree climbing Kangaroo.

You can help protect tree kangaroos by preserving its habitat - the Endangered Mabi Forest

tree roo body
legs tail

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