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water watch crossword


  • 1. Area of land from which drains a certain body of water
  • 3. Any living thing including plants and animals
  • 5. A scientist who studies water and its movement
  • 6. Interrelated community of plants, animals and other living things and the environment in which they live
  • 7. Small living organisms that consume the organic parts of sewage
  • 8. Sewage or industrial waste discharged into the river etc.
  • 9. Plant life
  • 10. Contaminants in the air, water or soil that cause harm to people's health or the environment


  • 2. To use a resource such as water wisely and efficiently
  • 4. A test that gives a result between 0 and 14 and tells us whether a sample is acidic or(alkaline) basic
  • 11. Study of fresh waters
  • 12. The process by which water on the surface of the ground or in lakes, oceans and rivers is warmed up by the sun and turned into vapour
  • 13. Place where an organism normally lives
  • 14. Amount of salt in water or other liquid
  • 15. The process by which loose soil is washed or blown away after plants that hold the soil in place are removed


Recommended Readings

"Belonging" - by Jeannie Baker

Known for her gorgeous collage work and environmental awareness this book has won Jeannie the environment award for children's literature for the third time.

"Belonging" tells the story of the relentless spread of urbanization, looking at it through the boy's bedroom window. The images change as the boy grows up. The cityscape is transformed from a barren setting to one rich in trees and wildlife.

"The World That We Want" - by Kim Michelle Toft

Through the use of beautifully created silk paintings and a progressive poem, "The World That We Want" describes the relationship between earth, air, water and biodiversity.

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