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Walter Hill Ranges Corridor McKeown's Section

The McKeown's planting is an integral component of a larger Walter Hill Ranges Corridor Project initiated by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Centre for Tropical Restoration. The project aims to strengthen vegetation linkages along the Walter Hill Ranges, a crucial link between the rain forests of the Tablelands and the rain forest on the coastal lowlands. Many thousands of trees will be planted in the area over 1998-2000.

Funding for the project comes largely from the Natural Heritage Trust.

The Aims..

To demonstrate how tree control cane rats in non-crop areas

To improve the Whing Creek riparian and aquatic environment by reducing erosion and sedimentation and by shading out invasive water weeds

To enhance mobility for the endangered southern cassowary and other fauna

To provide an example of government, community and landholders working together to achieve benefits for biodiversity conservation and ecologically sustainable agriculture.

The Facts..

1998 was the first year of the Walter Hill Ranges Corridor project, of which McKeown's Section is an integral part

Further smaller plantings are scheduled for 1998 with the project continuing at least over the next two planting seasons

Upon completion, there will be some 18 000 trees planted throughout the Walter Hill Ranges area

All trees planted are locally occurring native species

Cassowary food trees feature prominently in our selection of tree species including: Native Olive (Chionanthus ramiflorus), Brown Laurel (Cryptocarya triplinervis), Northern Laurel (Cryptocarya hypospodia), Blue Quandong (Elaeocarpus angustifolius), River Cherry (Syzygium tierneyanum) and Damson Plum (Terminalia sericocarpa).

Who is Involved..

The project is a joint initiative between the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Centre for Tropical Restoration, community tree planting group TREAT (Trees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands), land-holders, BSES (Bureau of Sugar Experimental Station) and C4 (Community for Coastal and Cassowary Conservation) and land-holders, the McKeown family.

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