Anderson Road Landscape Linkage Project

A cooperative project coordinated by TREAT, TKMG and QPWS.

About the project

This is the first year of the Anderson Road Linkage Project (2001). We are hoping that the project will continue and grow in scale in future years. The projects targets the now endangered rain forest, Type 1b. Less than 10% of this forest type now remains and it is considered "endangered". Also of interest is the endangered and locally extinct Cassowary and the Lumholtz tree kangaroo - which is still seen in the area and other rain forest animals.

Tree Kangaroo

Who's Involved

The project is a joint initiative between the community tree planting group TREAT (Trees for the Evelyn and Atherton Tablelands), TKMG (Tree Kangaroo and Mammal Group) and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Centre for Tropical Restoration and landholders in the Anderson Road area.

The project has been funded through the Threatened Species Network Community Grants program through World Wide Fund for Nature and the Natural Heritage Trust.

Project Aims..

To replant areas of the endangered Type 1b forest using local native trees, buildling on regrowth vegetation along the creek between the Peeramon scrub and North Johnstone River. We will focus on planting food plants for Cassowaries, Tree Kangaroos and other wildlife species.

To construct and erect Tree Kangaroo shelter poles. We will check to see if any Tree Kangaroos or other climbing animals, like possums, use the poles by looking for scratches and checking the ground and shelters for scats (or droppings).

To raise community awareness about this particular forest type, and major threats to wildlife in the area including loss of habitat due to clearing, and death to wildlife from stray dogs and traffic.

This project was supported by the National Heritage Trust and by:

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