Treat Tree Awareness Program

TREAT is a tree planting organization based at the QPW Lake Eacham Nursery. TREAT and QPW have a Memorandum of Understanding which gives us the opportunity to present a successful community organization through this ideal partnership.

An important part of TREAT's aims is our education program. Programs have been presented for many years now and I know many of you or your school may have participated in the past. Over these years, listening to your requirements, we have expanded and adapted our program so we can now offer you a choice of activities.

We have developed three programs each offering a specific level of participation. The aim of these programs is to interest the younger generation in their environment, to explain the biodiversity of this special rainforest area we live in and encourage them to become responsible for their environment.

Each program is organized and run by TREAT volunteers, all of whom hold child protection blue cards. TREAT also has a Child Protection Policy, a Photographic Policy and a Health and Safety Policy all of which are available to you. TREAT's Photographic policy is that no photos will be taken by TREAT members during children activities unless prior written permission is obtained by TREAT from parent or guardian.

All programs will be based around the facilities at the QPW nursery situated at McLeish Road, Lake Eacham. The nursery has approx. 40,000 young rainforest trees at any one time. Students will see and participate in the journey from seed propagating, to potting on tiny seedlings to maintaining trees ready to be planted out.

The Display Center is in the QPW building at the Nursery. The information panels cover the walls with brightly colored pictures and informative text on rainforests, TREAT activities, and TREAT planting sites plus indigenous and early history facts of the tablelands.

The only cost to the school will be transport. TREAT will supply all other requirements including a workbook and activity sheets for each student.

Attached are details of the three programs we offer. They are adaptable to your requirements. The programs will be offered throughout the year. However, if you are considering planting trees within your school grounds, we do recommend they be planted during the wet season.

If you are interested in participating or require further information Contact TREAT.

Lake Eacham Nursery Visit

This program can be adapted for Pre School through to Year 7 students and can be held at any time during the year. We have a maximum of 30 students visiting the nursery at one time.

A suggested program is as follows. However, we are flexible with time to suit your requirements and the program will be adapted to suit the student's age group.

For older students this program can be extended to a full day activity.

TREAT will supply worksheets and pencils for each student and rubber gloves for working in the nursery. Students must wear closed in shoes and a hat. They will need to bring their food and a drink. It is advisable that they also have sunscreen and insect repellent.

This is a good introductory activity to your environment studies. In the past some schools have combined this TREAT program with their own program of a walk around Lake Eacham or a visit to the Curtain Fig.

The Tree Awareness Program

This activity was the first to be offered by TREAT and has proven to be a very popular and successful program. You may have participated in it before, however this year we have made a few changes.

The program will now consist of two days activities. Day 1 at the Lake Eacham Nursery and Day 2 when TREAT Volunteers will visit your school to assist in planting trees.

This program is best suited for upper primary schools. If you choose to participate in the tree planting activity of this program it is advisable that it be held during the wet season, otherwise it can be held at any time of the year.

Day 1 Activities

Day 2 Activities

Prior to this day TREAT Volunteers will visit the school to discuss with you and if possible your groundsman, the site suitability, the number of trees required, site preparation and ongoing maintenance. You will need to organize means of watering the trees and provide mulch for the plants. It is also important to consider that it takes about 3 years for trees to become self sufficient.

Flowing On

TREAT has a continuing project of planting a corridor between Lake Eacham and the Curtain Fig along Peterson Creek. Flowing On relates to this project as part of TREAT's ongoing monitoring program.

The aims of this program are:

The level of work required within this program is of a Year 7 standard. We feel it is advisable to hold this program in the cooler, drier months of the year.

The program will introduce the necessity of healthy water quality, terminology used in testing water quality and the chemical contents of water. The students will have a workbook consisting of two major exercises - a visual assessment and a scientific test assessment.

Flowing On is a full day activity. Students will meet the TREAT Volunteers at Allumbah Pocket, Yungaburra where they will do the visual assessment and collect water samples. They will then travel to the QPW Lake Eacham Nursery McLeish Road Lake Eacham by your transport provided to carry out their scientific water testing. They will each need a calculator, pencil and rubber. They must wear closed in shoes and a hat. It is advisable they also have sunscreen and insect repellent. TREAT will provide workbooks and the scientific equipment required to carry out the water testing.

We can be flexible with times to suit your requirements, but it is a very busy day,

If you require we can provide a workbook for each student prior to your participation in the program so you can familiarize the students with the terminology used.

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