TREAT Newsletter January 2000

Planting Season Special Edition

TREAT NEWS Editor: Dan Murphy

Items are included in "Treat News" for their interest to members and do not necessarily express treat's views.

This SPECIAL EDITION TREAT Newsletter has been compiled to inform TREAT members and the public of our major plantings planned for this season. TREAT is currently implementing a number of projects, some made possible with assistance from the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT). Your help and participation is vital to the success of our projects and activities. We hope to see you at one (or more) of our plantings highlighted in this edition. If you can't make it to one of these activities you are always welcome on a Friday morning at the nursery. There is plenty for you to get involved in.

The next full length edition of TREAT NEWS will not be out until April. Our apologies for the delay. A small but dedicated team are currently working towards a revamped format thanks to additional funds secured from the NHT. Our newsletter will have a new layout, increased content and larger distribution to the general public. Hopefully spreading the word beyond our members about the inspirational and successful work of TREAT will result in a more informed, supportive and proactive community.

Tree Planting Program

TREAT needs your help!

The following plantings are planned for the coming months. Come along, get involved. A rewarding experience is guaranteed.


January 29th

Peterson Creek (see article below)

4091 4262 (Dan Murphy)

February 12th

Mazlin Creek (Vince Kattenberg's farm)

4092 8521 (Helen Adams)

February 26th

Massey Ck - Ravenshoe (Walter Hills Ranges Project)

4095 3406 (Tania Murphy)

March 11th

Mabi Forest Project (Nasser's farm)

4095 3406 (Tania Murphy)

Should you like more details check out the articles in this special edition or phone the relevant contact no. All plantings start at 8.OOam on the Saturday - bring a drink, smoko and hat..



29 th January 2000

Keep Saturday 29th January free.. for the third in a series of plantings along Peterson Creek.

The aim of the project is to create "Stepping Stones" of native vegetation between Lake Eacham National Park and Curtain Fig National Park/Yungaburra State Forest. Stage 1 and 2 has seen over 10,000 trees planted over the last two seasons with another 5,000 planned for this year down stream of last years site.

Meet at Palumbo's farm, Jallard Rd Yungaburra follow the signs. Bring a hat, sunscreen and a cold drink. A sausage sizzle will be provided at approx. 12.OOpm.


12th February

The second year of the Mazlin Creek project will see around 4000 trees planted adjacent to the Beantree Bridge on Beantree Rd. The project represents an opportunity to re-instate areas of former Type 5b rain forest -a now endangered ecosystem with less than 2.5% of its previous extent remaining.

Mazlin Creek Mud Map


26th February

You'll be pleased to know we've organised better weather for this year's Massey Creek Planting! The Massey Creek site strategically strengthens a narrow linkage in the rain forests of the Walter Hill Ranges which run from Mt. Fisher near Ravenshoe to coastal lowland forests in the Mission Beach area. 3000 trees will be planted to add to the 6000 already planted over the last 2 years! Coastal plantings for the Walter Hill Ranges project are scheduled for May.

Massey Creek mud map

Massey Creek planting site. Turn west onto old Palmerston Highway at Millaa Millaa.. Follow the signs.


11th March (Nasser's farm)


Mabi Forest (or Type 5b rain forest) is recognised as an endangered ecosystem. The planting on Nasser's farm aims to enhance and protect the margin of a most important Mabi Forest remnant located near Wongabell. Site access and directions will be advised.

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