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From the TREAT Committee

COVID 19 precautions in the TREAT workplace

Update 8 June 2020

All who have recently been in contact with Nursery and staff have been cleared.

If anyone needs to visit the Nursery, please ring ahead to let Peter know. Mobile 0488 759 805 or Nursery 4095 3406.

Update 15 May 2020

TREAT Secretary Doug Burchill has advised that there has been a possible COVID-19 contact associated with the Nursery, and no-one is to go there until further notice.

Update 30 March 2020

The community planting at Misty Mountains on Saturday 4th April is cancelled. The trees will still be planted, but without TREAT volunteers.

Update 26 March 2020

Tomorrow 27 March 2020 will be the last day for volunteer assistance at the Nursery - until further notice.

Tomorrow the only people to come have been specifically asked to come. These have been selected from those who indicated last Friday that they would be available. Seed preparation at home will be given to those contacted from the volunteers.

If anyone needs to visit the Nursery in the future, either to collect trees or fruit for processing, they must ring ahead to let Peter know. Mobile 0488 759 805 or Nursery 4095 3406

There will be further advice concerning the planting on 4th April at a later date.

Updated message 23 March 2020

Our attendance and work at the Nursery last Friday was appreciated, and we managed to keep the number of volunteers close to the guideline of 15.

From tomorrow Treat members will be welcome to help out in the Nursery on Tuesdays - same hours as Fridays. We will be limited to 15 volunteers at each session.

The Tuesday session will be almost solely for hardening out area maintenance. Sizing; weeding; pruning as required by the Nursery.

Morning tea will be limited to tea or coffee, and whatever snacks you bring for yourself.

Please refresh your memory on social distance and other guidelines, below

Please note the scheduled community tree planting on Saturday 28 March at Wongabel State Forest, Atherton has been cancelled.

19 March 2020

Dear TREAT members and volunteers,

Due to the fast moving measures and recommendations being put forward about how to deal with COVID 19 in the workplace, TREAT and QPWS have made some decisions which affect how we work in the nursery and the hours that the nursery will be open.

We must exercise social distancing even though there are no known cases in our areas so we will reduce numbers coming to the nursery and allow 1.5m distance between each volunteer. Anyone who is immune compromised either due to on going health issues or simply age is encouraged not to come to TREAT in the short term. This also applies to anyone who is worried about transferring the virus to elderly relatives. In fact anyone who feels they don't want to mix in a small group of people should not come. We will not think bad of anyone who does not come, we know you are just being cautious and that is fine. We are trying to limit numbers to around 15.

People who do come to the nursery must try to maintain distance and follow the governments health instructions of avoiding physical contact and frequent hand washing. The nursery staff will sanitise all surfaces which are normally touched before and after working bees.

Morning tea will be limited to tea, coffee milk and sugar but not food to share. Please bring some morning tea for yourself.

We are hoping to open a second morning for a similarly small group so we can keep on top of the workload without compromising social distancing. Details of this will follow as will any changes we need to make in the future. Please keep up to date with the latest official advice and follow that advice.

Saturday's planting will go ahead as social distancing can be maintained whilst planting and we still need helpers on Friday afternoon. The BBQ will be a less close event but will still be provided. Note SFS students have been sent home so they will not be able to help on Saturday.

Thankyou for your cooperation.

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