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Lantana (Lantana camara) - Declared Class 3, can be useful in assisting with succession and the ecosystem restoration of an area. However the following resources and information might be useful in planning for lantana control and to assist with identification of the most suitable and effective method for your situation.

Lantana is poisonous to cattle and other livestock so it is worth keeping at least your property boundary clear of lantana.


Battling Lantana - Learning from the experiences of others (DVD) - This gives a good overview of the control options available for a wide variety of situations.

Lantana Control Manual available from WoNS Lantana

Using herbicides on lantana: a guide to best management practices

Further information and resources on Lantana are available from Weeds Australia - WoNS Lantana.

Splatter Gun control of Lantana

by Dr Daniel Stock
National Lantana Management Group

Currently there are many techniques available to landholders to clear lantana. They range from hand removal, through to herbicide and mechanical options. Integrated lantana control combines two or more methods targeting vulnerable aspects of the weed, different points in its life cycle or its environment in order to achieve effective control. In most situations, lantana can only be controlled successfully through integrated control together with sustained follow-up and revegetation. Lantana can often be managed easily if control efforts are kept up.

One particular technique that can be used in integrated control plans is the Splatter Gun technique.

The method



Registered herbicides

Splatter or gas gun rate Glyphosate 360 g/L 1:9 glyphosate: water 2 x 2ml doses per 0.5 m of bush height

The lantana splatter gun is manufactured in Australia by NJ Phillips www.njphillips.com.au (this is not an endorsement of this particular brand).

Lantana Splatter gun in use

Lantana splatter gun in use

Biological Control of Lantana

Developing biological controls for lantana is a slow process because the plant is complex due to cross breeding between different flower colours of the plant and the different species of lantana in Australia, which makes it different to the plants origianlly imported into Australia.

Check if there is a biological control that is effective in your area even if it only controls one flower colour it will assist in the control of lantana, as herbicide spraying if required, can be concentrated on plants not being targetted by the biological control.

For information on all of the biocontrol agents for Lantana that have established within Australia visit: Lantana biocontrol agents.

One of the Lantana biocontrols working well on Lantana near Tarzali

One of the Lantana biocontrols

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