Weeds - Local Law Declared

Under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 Local Governments can declare species to be Declared Weeds for individual shires.

The following species are Local Law declared species for the former Eacham Shire Council:

Rubus alceifolius - Giant Bramble

Family: Rosaceae

Scrambler or shrub to 6m stems clothed in thorns to 4 mm long.

Leaves simple, 5-7 lobed, 50-200 x 50-200 mm upperside hairy, underside velvety hairy, thorny along midrib and often on lateral veins, petioles 20-55 mm long, thorny along underside, stipules 10-25mm long, deeply divided with the lobes spread out in a fan-shape.

Inflorescence an axillary or terminal raceme, panicule or solitary flower.

Flower petals 5, white 7-10mm long, calyx green, any month.

Fruit an aggregate fruit or berry, orange or red, 15-25 x 15-25 mm, seeds numerous, 2-3 mm long cream, yellow, orange or brown, February to August.

Psidium guajava - Guava

Family: Myrtaceae

Shrub or tree to 8m, twigs 4 winged or square.

Leaves simple, 40-155mm x 35-75mm both sides clothed in minute white hairs, oil dots visible with a lens, petioles 3-10 mm long stipules small.

Inflorescence an axillary 1-4 flowered panicule.

Flower petals 4 or 5, white or cream 10-15 mm long calyx green white or cream, August to January and May.

Fruit a berry, cream or yellow, 40-85 x 45-85 mm seeds numerous, cream about 3mm long April - July.

Cyperus aromaticus - Navua sedge

Family Cyperaceae

Habit long lived clump forming sedge, usually grows 20-70 cm tall, occasionally reaches 2m in height.

Distinguishing features

Its stems are three angled and have a dense flower cluster at their tips.

Its leaves are clusted at base of stem and give off a strong smell when crushed.

Its flower clusters 7-12mm across have about six leafy bracts directly below them, three of which are significantly longer than the others 8-20 cm long.

Its flower clusters are initially greenish or whitish in colour, though they turn brownish as they mature.

Praxelis clematidea - Praxelis

Family Asteraceae

Habit an erect, annual or perennial herbaceous plant, usually growing 20-80cm tall, occasionally reaching up to 1.2 m in height.

Distinguishing features

An annual or perennial herbaceous plant

It stems are hairy and bear leaves in pairs

It leaves have deeply toothed margins with about 5-8 teeth on each side the leaves emit a foul odour when crushed (cats urine)

Its small flower-heads are purplish or blue in colour and its seeds are topped with a ring of bristles 3-4mm long.

Praxelis looks similar to Ageratum conyzoides or A. houstonianum.

Solanum mauritianum - Wild Tobacco

Solanum mauritianum

Family Solanaceae

Shrub to 4m, twigs stellate hairy, spines absent.

Leaves simple, 125-330 x 45-110mm, both sides densely clothed in stellate hairs, petioles 10-55 mm long, stipules leaf like up to 25 mm long.

Inflorescence an axillary or terminal panicule.

Flower diameter 15-25 mm, petals 5 or 6 purple or blue, calyx green, any month.

Fruit a berry, green, yellow or brownish, 12-18 x 12-18 mm, clothed in stellate hairs, calyx clothed in stellate hairs, seeds numerous, cream or brown, diameter about 2 mm any month.

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