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TREAT's Display Centre

A new building at the QPWS Lake Eacham nursery incorporates new offices for the Centre for Tropical Restoration and an Interpretive Display called the TREAT Display Centre.

The Interpretive Display describes with pictures and text, Tropical Rainforest, the clearing of it for timber and agriculture and the partial restoration of it today, particularly in linking isolated fragments.

Four main projects are showcased: Peterson Creek, Donaghys' Corridor, Pelican Point, and Thurlings' Property. As well, there are panels on the science and practice of restoration, the history of TREAT, how TREAT and CTR work together, and TREAT's work with schools.

The Display Centre aims to educate people about the benefits of tree planting and forest restoration, especially along creek banks.

TREAT / CTR is a great example of how a community working with government can make a difference and the interpretive display reflects this. The excellent photography and informative text are combined in such a way as to make a visit to the centre an uplifting experience.

The TREAT Display Centre is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 1pm, excluding public holidays, staffed by TREAT volunteers.

Clive Cook EPA Regional Director, Barb Lanskey – TREAT President; TREAT members and guests at the opening of the Office and Display Centre building; Building officially opened by Clive Cook (EPA Regional Director); Clive Cook and Joan Wright – TREAT, planting an Agathis atropurpurea (Purple Kauri); Nigel Tucker, Tania & Kiah Simmons planting a Waterhousea mulgraveana (Mulgrave Satinash); Stan & Kaisa Breeden consultants who developed and produced the display material for the Display Centre. Stained Glass panel in background by Christina Bahrdt.

Clive Cook & Joan Wright Nigel Tucker & Tania SimmonsDesigners Stan ' Kaisa Breeden with stained glass by Christina Bahrdt

↓ Professor David Bellamy signing the visitor's book at the Display Centre.

Prof. David Bellamy at the Centre

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