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Weeds - Why bother?


Nigel Tucker

The tree planter's aim is almost always to re-establish native vegetation where weeds currently grow - though the task to most of us seems endless and of course, it is. Weeds are a fact of life. Around 10% of Australia's plants are recently (past 220 years) arrived aliens, escapees of gardens, aquariums or agriculture. They consume vast amounts of time and money and widespread control is impossible for all but a tiny fraction of the most recent arrivals. Small outbreaks in a localised area are theoretically controllable, but a lack of reporting, co-ordination and resources work against even this modest achievement. The real question to be asked is - which weeds do I need to control and why?

Most readers will be familiar with the concept of succession - plant communities go through stages, as for instance a bare landslip on the side of Mt Bartle Frere is gradually colonised by low growing herbs, then woody pioneers before mature forest plants begin to appear and the system develops towards a ‘mature’ rainforest state. Weeds appear at the beginning of succession, and their ability to persist or ‘arrest’ succession is a true measure of their danger. Remember, until a canopy is formed and weed resistance begins - restoration plots are heavily disturbed sites and they will be a magnet for many weeds.

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Declared Weeds

The Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries administers the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002, which lists the Declared Class 1, 2 and 3 weeds of Queensland and details the control required for the different classes of weeds.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website - Declared and significant weeds in Queensland


One of the most common and widespread weeds that presents particular problems for revegetation.

Lantana resources and control information.

Local Law Declared Weeds

Weeds declared under local law by the former Eacham Shire Council - Local Law Declared weeds

Stevia ovata - Candyleaf

Targetted for Eradication from the Atherton Tablelands - Stevia ovata

Environmental Weeds

Indentification and control measures for Environmental Weeds: A - C - D - K - L - R - S - Z

Weed Glossary

Glossary of weed related terms used on these pages Glossary.

Weed Identification - Links and resources

The following are links to other websites for identification and control information.

Weeds Australia www.weeds.org.au

Weeds in Australia www.weeds.gov.au

Queensland Herbarium QLD Herbarium

DAFF - Weeds

Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland Grow me Instead

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority APVMA

Pest Genie is a database specializing in information about plant protection and animal health products. Pest Genie

Environmental Weeds of Australia - by Sheldon Navie and Steve Adkins (DVD), available from www.cbit.uq.edu.au/software/enviroweeds

Bushland Friendly Nursery Scheme www.bfns.org.au

Far North Queensland Regional Organisation of Councils: FNQROC - Pest Management.

Poisons Information Centre for information on: Poisonous plants and fungi.

Plant Identification - Publications

Fruits of the Australian Tropical Rainforest - by Wendy Cooper, Illustrated by William T. Cooper.

Plants of Tropical North Queensland the Compact Guide - by John Beasley

FNQ Local Council Priority Weeds - by Sheldon Navie (DVD)

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